City of Bones Poster and Teaser Trailer

After months of fretting about what the City of Bones film would ultimately look like, convinced that it was going to be a little bit rubbish, I may have been proven wrong. It's not often that I like to be proven wrong, but when it comes to films based on books that I'm a fan of, I actually love that feeling of having to admit that I was wrong, because it gives me something to look forward to! Plus it restores my faith in book adaptations.

Often unusual for highly anticipated films, we've been treated not only to an image, but also a poster and a teaser trailer which is pretty awesome:

For me, this poster symbolises why I decided to read the books: it was the idea of living in a world, where another one - that we can't see - also exists. I loved that idea and still do.

I'm still a little hmm about Lily Collins as Clary, and for me this poster doesn't sway me. She looks a little ill, that's for sure!!

Note: Viacom and Sony appear to be removing teaser trailers from YouTube, which seems a little counter-productive when you're trying to promote a film, but hey ho! So, if the above video doesn't work when you try to view it, please accept my apologies :)

This trailer is absolutely fantastic, and seriously gave me goosebumps and the chills when I first watched it. Although, that would have been the use of a track from the film 'Sunshine' by Underworld (I'm not sure what it's called), but the track works well with this trailer.

With the end of Twilight (thank god!), and so many amazing films coming out next year, 2013 is looking like it could be another bumper year for Cinema!

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