Star Trek Into Darkness Poster Arrives

I've never been a fan of Star Trek, although I did once attempt to join the Star Trek Club at School, but probably for all the wrong reasons - like, it meant we could spend lunches inside, rather than outside in the cold of winter!! But, when I got dragged to see the reboot a couple of years ago, even I found myself enjoying it (just not enough to be interested in any of the originals)!!

So, it's pretty good to see this new trailer for the next in the series: Star Trek Into Darkness...

Poster for Star Trek Into Darkness

The scene is a rather crumbling London City, which is interesting because Hollywood typically likes to base their films in American cities, although they do realise that there are other cities in the UK, outside of London, right??

But, I'm just relieved that there has been four years between the first year, and the next one, because it means that they're not rushing to churn out some kind of crap. Instead, it feels like they're putting time into plots, castings, graphics etc.

I'm not getting overtly excited about Star Trek, because as I said, I'm not a huge fan of the series on a whole, but the previous film has made me intrigued and I'm looking forward to see what the second installment has to offer.

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