Star Trek Into Darkness: trailer review

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The trailer for the new Star Trek film, Into Darkness has been released and it has already raised eyebrows thanks to the mysterious villain played by Benedict Cumberbatch. Who is he? Why does he want revenge? And is he the legendary Star Trek bad guy, Kahn. After a quick trawl through the web I found that many people are coming up with that same theory, that the villain in the new Trek movie is Kahn. On that note I've come up with a few theories which go against that idea and some that support it. Well actually, only a couple, one for and one against.


Kahn wanted revenge against Kirk for stranding him on a barren world with little means of survival. Naturally he was a bit peeved. The trailer strongly suggests that Benedict's villain wants revenge but we don't know why. On this basis he could be Khan. And there's the fact that Cumberbatch is listed on IMDB as Khan, albeit rumoured. But it all could be an Abrams ploy to make us believe it. One more little piece of information that supports the Khan theory comes from the Japanese trailer which contains extra footage. Part of that footage shows a clip which is reminiscent of a scene from Star Trek 2: The Wrath of Khan. Spock holds his hand up against a sheet of glass with Kirk on the other side doing the same. I wonder.


Kahn wanted revenge against Kirk in the original story but that won't be the case for the new film since, as far as we know, new Kirk had never met him. Unless the writers have altered the story to make Chris Pike the target of this new villains's wrath, then of course it could be possible he is indeed Khan. Then again. . .

There's no denying that the new Trek trailer is something of a mystery and I have to say I like that. Coming from J J Abrams, one of the masters of mystery, it's no shock that there's an element of intrigue surrounding the next Star Trek venture.Personally,  I hope Khan won't be the villain because that path has been trodden before and it was good enough the first time around so I don't think it needs to be retold. It'll be interesting to  see what this new bad guy is all about though.

Star Trek Into Darkness is released in the UK on the 17th of May. Hopefully, the villains identity will remain a mystery until then.

Here's the trailer to wet your appetite.

This is the Japanese trailer which shows Spock and Kirk touching the glass.

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