The Rest Is Noise: Celebrating Music of the 20th Century

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I'm always happy of the fact that I spent the first fifteen years of my life living in the 20th Century. Although it hardly feels like it, the 20th Century was a very different time to how life is now in 2013. I didn't get my first mobile phone until the year 2000 when I was sixteen. I had a black and white TV in my bedroom. Using a PC involved typing in a heck of a lot of commands.

But, even before I existed, the 20th Century had seen a great deal of change. We'd seen Wars. Race Issues had come to a head in several countries across the World. Our eyes had been opened up to the horrors of the world, including the Holocaust and famine. Attitudes changed towards Sex and Contraception. Cinema became popular in the 20th Century, from early silent-era movies, to talkies, to 3D, to big eye-boggling CGI blockbusters. But perhaps the most important aspect of change, for a lot of people, was the musical revolution. 

Before the 20th Century, music was limited and suddenly the whole world became musical with Jazz, the Blues, Rock and Roll, Pop Music. And all of that music has been heavily shaped by the big changes in life through the 1900s. 

The Southbank Centre has set up a variety of concerts and shows that will take place all the way through 2013, to celebrate every aspect of the 20th Century that effected the direction that music took. However, it wasn't just the big and well-known events that would shape the music that we all know so well, but the lesser known ones too and these concerts aim to highlight them and celebrate them.

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