Catching Fire Posters Arrive

In typical Hunger Games-style, Lionsgate have slowly begun the grand unveil of Catching Fire, with several posters beginning to pop up all over the internet. Hopefully, with only eight or so months to go until the second film in the series is release, these posters are a sign that things are about to hot up - and by that I mean, we're going to get an actual trailer sometime soon!

These first posters came out a couple of weeks ago, and commemorate the Victory Tour that Katniss and Peeta will be undertaking at the beginning of Catching Fire:

At the end of February, they teased us with this image, suggesting that more posters were on their way..

And so, yesterday began the real trickle of posters, and we now have two of them, featuring two of the film's most popular - and quirky - characters:

They also appear to have re-launched Capitol Couture again, but I haven't had the time to take a look just yet. Has anyone had a look? Am I missing anything? I seem to remember that last year, it wasn't really my cup-of-tea!!

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