Quick Review: Charlie Casanova

I'm not going to lie. I watched Charlie Casanova purely because Emmett Scanlan is in it. For anyone who doesn't know who Scanlan is, he recently bowed out of Hollyoaks, in which he played the bloody brilliant role of Brendan Brady.

Is this a good enough reason to watch this film? I'd really love to say "yes", but unfortunately even he can't save it - no matter how good an actor Scanlan is. The thing is - on the surface at least - Scanlan's character "Charlie" is very similar to Brendan Brady, but in a much more messed up way. Scanlan plays it well, and very unlike Brendan, because whilst Brendan was likeable, Charlie most certainly isn't. He's basically an arrogant egotist, who is very highly educated, knows it and makes sure everyone else knows it. He gives the impression that he honestly believes that he is better than the rest of the world, but most importantly - the working class, as demonstrated in this really dark and weird "comedy" (erm?!) skit.

The shots are dark, and it's all incredibly twisted, so if you love your films dark and twisted, and don't always make sense, then Charlie Casanova is a film for you.

However, if you prefer your characters to at least be a tiny bit relatable, or likeable or that you're at least able to empathise with then, yeah - stay away!

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