Quick Review: One Day

"One Day" is the novel that I often attribute as being the book that reintroduced me to reading, following a very lengthy post-University slump. I actually picked it up on a P&O Ferry, and fell in love with everything about it - the characters, the narrative style, the ideas, and an ending that absolutely knocked me for six, I was not expecting it.

As a film, "One Day" was always going to be a huge challenge, because romantic drama-type films are never really that long in length - traditionally - so, it was going to be difficult squeezing as much in, as the book could. That being said, I was always glad that author David Nicholls (who also wrote "Starter For Ten") jumped on board to write the screenplay. I always have a great deal of respect for writers who also work on the screenplay for their own novel (or even direct the entire film a la Stephen Chbosky!).

The overall result wasn't too bad. It did feel a bit rushed at times, and had I not read the book, I do wonder if I might have found it a bit confusing with all the jumps through time.

The thing that really pulled this film together - for me - was definitely the cast. Okay, so yes, I would have preferred an English Emma, and Anne Hathaway's Yorkshire accent was more a mish-mash of Londener and Yorkie with a very slight American twang coming through occasionally. However, she played Emma beautifully, and created the exact character that I had imagined of Emma.

I'd never seen Jim Sturgess in anything before watching this, so I didn't really know what to expect. Initially, he hadn't looked like Dex to me, but having seen the film, I thought that he was great. He had the perfect combination of sleazy charm, a face you wanted to punch, but a hint of likeability.He was never a character that you were supposed to love, after all.

Overall, the film wasn't perfect, but if you like a love story that isn't perfect or all about the comedy, then this is a definite one to catch up on.

Check out the DVD, for only £3 on Amazon:

Or, if you fancy it, give the book a look. It's much more in-depth and I personally preferred it over the film:

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