Vintage Review: Lost in Translation

I first watched Lost in Translation about five years ago, and I have to admit: I didn't get it. Re-watching the film today, I have a very different view.

I don't necessarily think that it's the most amazing thing since the talkies revolution, but I certainly have a great deal of appreciation for the film.

The film is often described as being "boring", and a film where "nothing happens", but that's what real life is like; it isn't all big adventures one after the other, and I think that what Sofia Copolla was trying to convey was the idea of loneliness, and the way that people struggle to cope with it, especially in a place where you're supposed to have these amazing experiences. But, when you don't have someone to experience those things with, how are you supposed to have them?

Bill Murray was on excellent form as the depressed middle-aged actor Bob Harris, who made having large amounts of money look incredibly dull.

Scarlett Johanssen played Charlotte, a lonely young woman who had come along for the ride on husband John's (Giovanni Ribisi) photography job, and just wanted to figure out where her life was going.

The chemistry between the pair was electrifying in a very innocent and pure kind of way, and I like the fact that nothing happened between them. I like the idea that not everything in friendship has to be about sex.

A nice, feel-good film about loneliness, and finding friendship in strange places.

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